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Anthony Vettese
Look at that....... SAFE is complete.
Michael Clish
Matty provided a great experience in the SAFE training. He was able to turn extensive information into relatable content which helped with my success. I will always be thankful for the effort that Matty put into the training experience.
John Kerby
Matty is the best instructor I've ever had in my lifetime, including college. He makes the material so much easier to understand and absorb, and he truly cares about each and every one of his students.
Rel Woolridge
Matty was a great instructor! He really made things easy for me to understand. I also liked the way he challenged me when I didn't know something. He never let me think that I didn't know anything. Great guy!
Mohamed Mashhour
MATTY P WAS THE BEST INSTRUCTOR/TEACHER I EVER HAD. Amazing at how he teaches the material and makes you really think to find a solution. Honestly, I was really lucky that he was my instructor.
Jamel Nimer
Incredible educator. Never had a question he couldn't answer.
Millie NicolEe
Matty is hilarious and very informative, I can tell that he has been doing this for a long time. Very great with a learning/teaching styles, make sure that you understand the information and that you can apply it. In my 27 years of life Matty P is the best trainer I've ever had, wish I could keep in my pocket : )
Tyler Harrigan
Matty is an amazing trainer. He's probably the best teacher I've had at any level of education. I learned and comprehended so much material from him. He's extremely positive, fun, and high energy. I felt privileged to be apart of his class.
Sean Sheridan
Matty was by far the best instructor I have ever come across. He keeps you engaged while always keeping a smile on your face. He makes SAFE actually fun and is always energetic. 11/10 for him. Fantastic job!
Kyle Hartford
Matty was an amazing trainer, he was very energetic and outgoing. He also taught things in different ways to ensure you would understand the material and made it fun at the same time! I'd recommend Matty to anyone.