Grow Your Business With Customer Success Stories

SocialProof helps companies collect verified reviews, win
clients' trust, and increase word-of-mouth referrals.

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Real People, Real Reviews, Real Impact

80% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. SocialProof verifies reviews to maximize credibility and impact.

People Trust People, Not Brands

In today’s world, individual experiences define your brand. SocialProof helps each customer-facing employee collect success stories and establish their own personal expertise.

Increase Employee Engagement

The #1 reason Americans leave jobs is feeling unappreciated. SocialProof makes individual success tangible and visible.

Drive Social Referrals

SocialProof makes it easy for your team and your customers to share success stories with their friends on all leading social platforms.

How It Works

  1. Tailor Socialproof To Your Organization

    Create profiles for locations, departments, teams, and individuals.

  2. Collect Customer Success Stories

    Personalized outreach maximizes response rate and quality of content.

  3. Win Customer Trust, Confidence, And Referrals

    Facebook verification ensures credibility and makes it easy to share.


SocialProof is enterprise-ready, but easy to implement.

Maximize your Marketing ROI

SocialProof helps you convert more leads into customers. For established businesses with large marketing budgets, lead conversion is often the single biggest driver of overall profitability.

Maintain Control

SocialProof streamlines updates so information is accurate and useful, even as employees join the company, change roles, or leave the company. No out-of-control social media profiles to worry about.

Share Across Social Media

SocialProof is optimized for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more -- ­so your team and customers can share wherever they like.

Own Page #1 of Google

SocialProof ranks highly when customers search for reviews of your business or specific locations or employee names.

Rock-Solid Terms of Service

SocialProof collects legally valid customer approval to use their success stories in your marketing materials. Over 80% of reviewers agree!

Account Management

Your SocialProof account manager will help ensure successful onboarding, launch, and measurement of your program.


Businesses that support customers through life’s biggest moments need SocialProof.

Real Estate
Doctors & Dentists
Financial Planners


Businesses and employees love SocialProof.

“Ensuring more clients know us, like us, and trust us! Thanks SocialProof.”

Jason Pace
Rocket Mortgage Vice President

“SocialProof has provided the highest ROI of all of our marketing efforts. It’s driving visitors back to our site where they’re more likely to close the second time around.”

James Bement
Manager of GM's Shop-Click-Drive

About Us

SocialProof is headquartered in Detroit, MI and specializes in trusted, customer-generated content that impacts business growth.

SocialProof works with your organization and employees to deliver maximum results across all key performance indicators.

SocialProof ensures that your online reputation is an asset for your business!