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Lori Shurte
It was so easy! Jeremy got in touch with me right away. Got my car that Monday! High
Dennis Dickty drive was a very effective way to find the car you want viewing inventories, showing up to test drive your choice and close the deal quickly. Enjoyable experience!
Very easy find what you want from home
Tom Waskis
I already knew what accessories i was going to purchase for my new Colorado.....but the Shop ~ Click ~ Drive coupon helped me buy additional parts. What a great program that is.......every buyer should take advantage of the offer.
Willie Dixon
Best way to do car shopping. Save save save, just give it a try.
Tyrone Jones
I was in the market of buying a car checking many car dealership website, but I came across glynn smith and I found a 2017 chevrolet malibu for 21 thousand the best price of all the dealership and went to glynn smith and saw the vehicle that I wanted was one of the best days of my life.
David Martin
It was a great experience, the vehicle o looked at at had no surprises when looked at in person.
Francis Steel
I used it locate the vehicle with the options I most wanted. I then looked for the best deal.
Troy Wilson
I wanted to get a new vehicle but hate all the hassle. Shop Click Drive made it extremely easy and convenient and with no hassle. I did my main shopping online when I had time which meant I wasn't forced to visit dealers when they were open or have to fend off multiple sales people while I "looked around". Will do this again for my next vehicle purchase.
Ben Morris
I did like this set up. I didn't have time to fool with going back and forth with a salesperson and the dealer was able to get down to where they needed to be without wasting my time. I was also able to find the color and option package via online than going to a dealer and going back and forth on a car lot.